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Saturday, October 1, 2016

YOUR WHY (featuring Rick & Dick Hoyt) - Motivation by Unger

If you aren't haunted by this, then homie you ain't been through what I've been through. You not like me and I'm not like you. - 50 cent


Unreasonable Results Require An Unreasonable Psychology

Being extraordinary does not come from being reasonable. And if you want unreasonable results in your life, you must be unreasonable.

When I was growing up, I remember being asked what I wanted to be as an adult. The only thing I can remember thinking each and every time was that I wanted to be someone extraordinary. That stands true today. And whether I ever get to that level or not, I at least need to know that I tried.

In my life, I've learned certain rules that have allowed me to keep moving forward. Believe you can be more, solidify a vision for where you want to be, set a very specific and concrete goal, ignore the critics, see yourself as something you are not, before you are and whatever you do, give yourself a chance.

And I've learned some interesting things about life. It's not that our troubles are so different, life is life, it falls on the just and the unjust. Our pains are quite similar, it's our solutions that are different.

At the beginning of every single ultra-running competition raced, I've always stopped talking to anyone around me just before the race began. I ignored my environment entirely. I focused on "why" I was there. I moved to the front of all other runners and stood on the starting line well before the start of the race to affirm my intention. I put myself into a state of mind I knew I had to be in, in order to do what needed to be done. I stood in a manner as to tell my brain that I was ready for whatever the race had to throw at me. I saw myself not only finishing the race, but also the impact the finish would have on my life. I focused on the people I could inspire, who I know needed help, the ones in pain, those that just needed a little motivation, a little inspiration to get their momentum going in the right direction. I focused on how grateful I was and imagined that if I could just finish the race, maybe, just maybe, I could take away some of their pain, if only for a moment. The ability to inspire others, the ability to heal them is and always has been a major driving force in my life. I believe what I must in order to push forward in business and in life.

In 2006 the doctors diagnosed me with complete arthritis, bone on bone in my shoulders. Upon MRI of my lower back, there was revealed three lower discs impacted. I could barely put my underwear on. I needed to lay in bed to do it. Further discovery showed arthritis in my feet and ankles to the point where they clicked whenever I walked. This was all happening in my early 30's.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. My testicles were no longer viable. I had surgery to remove one of them, leaving the other barely functioning.

In 2009, after tearing my ankle completely off the bone in an non-sports-related accident, the Orthopaedic specialists told me I would never run more than 5 miles again, without being in immense pain and without re-injury to the tendon. The people around me told me I would never finish a marathon. There were so many times when what "they" said broke my spirit. There were so many times I believed them.

I write this, because I want you to know that you don't have to go through life a victim of your circumstances. I write this because I want you to know that the pain, the suffering and the problems we go through in life, are part of the design, part of the process. It's necessary for you to know that. I write this, because I want to convey one message to you and if you remember nothing else about me, remember this.

Don't let "them" break you - Keep going.

The marathon I completed last week put me well over 220+ marathons/ultra-marathon/Ironman triathlons in under 5 years. This includes marathons, full Ironman distance triathlons and 50K, 50Mile, 100K, 100Mile, 122 mile ultra-marathons. From 2012-2014 I averaged over 50+ marathons, ultra-marathons and Ironman triathlons per year, sometimes 2 marathons in the same day in different cities. I completed back to back 100k (62.1 mile) ultra-marathons on consecutive days just 5 hours apart.

I'm not inspired by pride, vanity, ego or bravado. I write this not to brag or convey arrogance in any way. I write this, because I want you to know how strong my belief in the human body and spirit is. It is the most amazing creation I've ever come to know.

I know I was born with great gifts, great abilities, an immense amount of gratitude and an ability to endure. I only wish that I had more people in my life that inspired me growing up. I hope to correct that in the life of others. Those who just need a little lift to keep moving forward.

And if you think this writing has to do with running, you couldn't be more wrong. It's about purpose, it's about healing, it's about direction and it's about survival no matter what the odds.

Watch my video and if it touched you, moved you or resonated with you in any way, share it, give me a thumbs up and let me know. I don't sell anything and I want nothing from you other than to empower you in life. My mission is to spread hope.

The most difficult thing I've ever done, was to believe that I could do what I'm now doing.

About the author: Greg Unger is a computer systems architect involved in Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and the Neurosciences among many others. At 6'4, 240lbs, one of the physically larger endurance athletes in the world. Originally from Wisconsin, he has gone through cancer, severe arthritis, multiple ankle and shoulder tears and many life lessons. Five years ago he dropped down from 315lbs to 195lbs in 6 months to do his first marathon followed by the St. George Utah Ironman and the World Championships - Ford Ironman in Kona, Hawaii. He found ultra-running in 2012 and after running his first ultra-marathon in 2012, he has averaged over 50 marathons and ultra-marathons per year since. Following his cancer, he has dedicated his life to motivating and inspiring others. His dream is to run an ultra-marathon in every country on the planet.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Wasted Time - Ultrarunning by Unger Motivation

Unless you attempt to do something beyond that which you have already mastered, you will never grow.

Wasted Time - Ultrarunning by Unger Motivation

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